You can make start the process of conducting an Impact Measurement Study today. 

  1. You will need the following information: a database of all your guests for 2018.
  2. Identify how you want to implement your survey: electronically (via email or text) or a physical hard copy survey (mailed).
Benefits of electronic survey: 
  • For a higher rate of return, if your guests are under the age of 60, we recommend delivering the survey electronically.
  • Less staff time.
  • Data collection is easy and automatic (there is nothing left for you to do once you send the surveys).
  • No cost to print or mail the survey.
Benefits of a physical survey:
  • For a higher rate of return, if your guests are OVER the age of 60, we recommend delivering the survey by mail. 
  • While there is more staff time and cost involved, you will have more participation and therefore more accurate reporting. 
You can also consider a hybrid model based on the ages of your guests. This will allow you to send an electronic survey to guests younger than 60 and a paper copy to those over the age of 60. 
As an additional benefit to those who are choosing to perform a paper survey, we have a volunteer team of university students from Oklahoma State University School of Medicine and the Center of Rural Health, along with university students from the Oklahoma State University College of Hospitality and Tourism who will be keying in all the data from the paper surveys.  
Philos Hospitality, Inc. in Tulsa has offered to be the receiver of ALL the paper surveys sent out by our houses.  Philos Hospitality will deliver the returned paper surveys to the students at Oklahoma State University.
IMPORTANT: your survey return envelopes need to have the address of
Philos Hospitality, Inc. Attn:  HHN Impact Survey
PO Box 14472
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74159-1472